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Welcome to our Study trip page. Here you will find useful information about our exciting and informative study trips to Asia and the Pacific region and how to sign up for them.

PATA Norway works continuously to arrange unique and exciting study trips to Asia and Pacific to help our members increase their knowledge about the destinations and possibilities in the region. This knowledge gives our members a better foundation for investing and increasing the revenue for the countries within our area. After all, when you recommend destinations and hotels for clients, having first-hand experience of them yourself makes it easier.

How does PATA organize the study trips?
PATA Norway contacts relevant tourist offices, agents and airlines to organize study trips in the best ways possible for our members. Our study trips normally consist of 10 participants, a representative from the airline that co-arranges the trip and a group leader from PATA Norway. In addition to visiting relevant sightseeing spots, we add hotel tours that make the participants well-suited to recommend the right hotel to the right segment. Our study trips are both informative and explorative and give the participants a unique possibility to get to know destinations first-hand. We work together with local agents on several occasions. This gives the participants opportunities to build relations with agents all over the world, but it does not mean that participants should feel obligated to cooperate with the agent after the trip.

How long are the trips?
Flying to Asia and the Pacific takes time, so the trips usually last about a week. Departure and return dates are placed in conjunction with weekends, so that participants only have to take five workdays off. We also offer study trips under a week in length – it depends on the destination and program. A study trip to Singapore could for instance be only a few nights long, while visits to destinations like Myanmar would be around a week long, because of the need to travel around the country in order to experience the most important destinations – which the participants include afterwards in their round trips to their clients.

How do I sign up?
We send invitations to study trips in our newsletters immediately when we arrange a new trip. All members can then report interest within a given deadline. The invitations are published on PATA Norway’s webpages in the event calendar and in the news section. To sign up you fill out the attached form, that you will find in the invitations or in this link here. Note that all participants on PATA Norway’s study trips must be members of PATA Norway.

How do you evaluate potential participants?
PATA Norway, the airline, suppliers and local agents will choose the participants they think are the best suited for the study trip in question. Evaluations are on the basis of given criteria like relevance to the destinations the member sells, if the member company plans to involve develop travel business to and in area and if the member’s position in the company is relevant to the theme of the study trip. PATA wants as many members represented on each study trip as possible; preferably one person per company. PATA therefore takes reservations in cases where 2 or more persons from the same company want to participate on the same study trip. Should participants from other membership companies sign up, PATA reserves the right to inform a company with more than one participant, that they can only send one representative. The selected candidates will be notified well before departure.

What does a typical study trip cost?
PATA Norway works together with relevant tourist offices, agents and airlines to organize study trips at the lowest price possible for our members. The price is usually around NOK 4000 – 8000 per person, but this depends on the destination, season, partners and availability. The price usually includes flight, hotel and stay, breakfast, transfers and guided excursions and tours. The price and what it includes is specified in the invitations to every study trip.

I have questions about a specific study trip. Where can I get an answer?
We specify in every single invitation what is included and not included in the price of the study trip in question, as well as visa requirements and vaccinations, practical information before departure, and information on security related precautions for the destination. Prior to the departure, the tour leader for the trip contacts all participants to confirm participation, send out invoices and necessary tickets, and for practical coordination. If you have questions about the study trip that you cannot find an answer to in the invitation, please send them over to the responsible tour leader for your study trip. If you don’t know who the tour leader is, please send the questions per mail to and one of us from the PATA Norway will reply you shortly.

I would like to join a study trip, but I am not a member of PATA Norway Chapter. What do I do?
All participants on PATA Norway’s study trips have to be members of PATA Norway. You can gain your membership through your company or become an individual member. For more information on what membership is right for you, please see Membership To become a member of PATA Norway Chapter, please fill out the registration form and return it to us at

As a PATA member, can I take part in the organization of the study trips?
We in PATA Norway are always looking for new and exiciting destinations to explore, new business partners and we highly appreciate ideas on future trips. Do you have any good ideas regarding new study trips? Please contact us at We look forward to hear from you.

Where can I learn more about PATA Norway’s previous study trips?
PATA Norway have arranged study trips to many exiciting and exotic destinations – see our webpage for past PATA Norway study trips for study reports from previous PATA Norway travels.

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