A network for companies in the travel trade that work with Asia and the Pacific Region as a travel destination.

PATA is a “non-profit” organization that first and foremost works with companies in the travel trade that sell travel to Asia and the Pacific Region. PATA’s head office is in Bangkok but it also has chapters or branches in a large number of countries, both in Asia and the Pacific and in other countries that send tourists to this area.

PATA Norway Chapter’s member companies include travel agents, tour operators, airlines, tourist offices and more.

The most important tasks for PATA are to educate the different companies in the travel trade, encourage contact and relations between those in the branch, and to also provide information regarding the PATA Region.

For the traveling public, this means that PATA’s branches contribute with useful information directly to the consumer and they help further knowledge of the Asia and Pacific Region among the travel trade.

The key issues for PATA therefore, are to further the competence of companies in the travel trade, increase general knowledge of what the area has to offer and to encourage a powerful development in tourism in the area. For us as an organisation it is extremely important that as many people as possible get to know about this fascinating area and that at the same time travelers increase their knowledge of and respect for the local culture, and thus receive the maximum benefit from the travel experience.

Interested companies receive access to:
– destination and theme meetings and seminars,
– workshops with delegates from international partners, for example relevant tourist offices.
– participation in a range of international activities such as conferences etc.
– significant discounts on Fam. TRips to countries in the PATA Region.
– overnight stay at Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport in double room incl. breakfast at set price NOK 1395,- on weekdays and NOK 895,- during weekends

MEMBER FEE Company Membership (based on only one email address)
* 1-15 employees: kr. 1.000,-
* 16-50 employees: kr. 1.800,-
* over 50 employees: kr. 2.500,- / Agency Chain: kr 5.000,-
MEMBER FEE – Individual
According to the Dues 2010, membership for individuals is permitted with the following stipulations: Individual members do not have a right to vote in the General Assembly and do not have permission to use the PATA logo for marketing purposes. They are however allowed to participate in all arrangements organised by PATA Chapter Norway. (If the member should change trades the membership will only be valid for the duration of the dues year) Fee: kr.300.,- per annum..

Interested in becoming a member?, Contact us at

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