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PATA Norway Chapter, a part of PATA International, is a non-profit interest organization whose aim is to create interest in and to promote Asia and the Pacific region among travel agents, tour operators, airlines and other persons and organizations in the travel trade that have an interest in travel and traffic to these areas.

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If travelling to Asia or the Pacific you will find on this page links to detailed information on safety, the weather, the official web sites of tourist …

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PATA is a “non-profit” organization that first and foremost works with companies in the travel trade that sell travel to Asia and the Pacific Region. Pata’s …


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PATA Norway Chapter has wide experience organizing events in Norway for suppliers wishing to reach and network with Norwegian tour operators and travel …

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PATA which was founded in Hawaii in 1951 is an “non-profit” organization. The PATA region is comprised of 43 countries and covers the part of the world …

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